21JunServing Serena

Serena Davies, unrepentant hippie, has a major case of artist’s block. She also has a deadline for the showing of a lifetime. She’s been told the island monastery retreat at St. Catherine of Bologna can work wonders for artists in need of inspiration.
From the moment Teros picks her up on the dock, Serena feels the uncontrollable urge to explore the body beneath his monk’s robe. But she’s still Catholic enough to know seducing a monk is a permanent ticket to purgatory. Ignoring these urges become nearly impossible after Teros tells her he’s there to serve only her. When he reveals he’s not a monk, Serena gives in, knowing this thirty-something hard body will probably break her fifty-eight-year-old heart. What Teros has not revealed is that he’s the Greek god of requited love, Anteros.
Spending her days and nights with Teros amidst the unbridled natural beauty of the island, Serena abandons the landscape paintings that made her famous. Now she finds the other sexy residents of the island make far more interesting subjects. Serena wonders if she can ignore the world’s intolerance for seeing older women with younger men long enough to hold on to the love of a lifetime.
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