21JunWhy OMG ?

Candice Butler

“A woman of a certain age.”

How I came to write the series I call OMGs (Oh-My-Gods.)
Despite my, Serving Serena being my first published work, followed by HIM I have been writing for many years, including writing four other OMGs novellas.
Anyway it happened like this. I had just finished reading a wonderfully written, really hot shifter novel. This story had been satisfying read. Still it left me with a vague disconnection I often felt at the end of a story. This time rather than ignore the feeling I worked on identifying the reason for my dissatisfaction.
It was simple. I no longer identified with the choices made by the heroine. Her problems were in large part due to the fact she wasn’t mature enough to handle them. We women of a certain age just do things differently. We’re not in our late twenties or early thirties or even early forties. I’ve got less time so I tend to cut to the chase.
So what do I want? The same thing Steve Winwood sang about, Higher Love, because “without it, life is wasted time.”
The hero that brings a higher love for my heroines is a man, without issues, or a past that still haunts him although he remembers it and has learned from it. He is so secure in himself, commitment is not a problem and he is absolutely decisive, because let’s face it, life is short. For him age is just a number it’s the heroine’s soul he’s interested in. He’s a man who knows what he wants and that’s the heroine. He also knows what she wants even if she hasn’t figured it out yet. He’s the ultimate alpha. He’s sexy beyond anything she has ever experienced or thought possible, patient in reawakening an emotional passion that she believes long gone and fulfilling her sexual desires before she knows they exist.
What kind of man could fill a bill this big? Why a god of course.
I wrote OMGs, because we’re never, ever too old for passion.
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