21JunValentine’s Day Lust Is What’s For Dinner

This Valentine’s Day I will be giving away 30 copies of The Kitchen God’s Girlfriend – Book 3 in the Oh My Gods Series. So just drop me an email at Candice@candicebutler.com or hit the contact us on the website. Lust is What’s For Dinner on Valentine’s Day Lucy Caswell is the latest gal to meet the god of her dreams in The Kitchen God’s Girlfriend. Lucy is a classically trained chef, so she knows a thing or two about epicurean aphrodisiacs. Zhang is the hot and hunky Chinese Kitchen God and he’s what Lucy wants for Valentine’s Day. She’ll be in her kitchen cooking up a meal of aphrodisiac delights. Here’s the menu: Appetizers – What else, oysters on the half shell an caviar. On top of their sexy appearance oysters and caviar contain zinc which raises the levels of sex hormones in the body. Both are also high in Omega 3 oils which help ward off depression. Starters Cream of Asparagus Soup – Grooms in 19th century France were fed asparagus on their wedding nights to enhance their performance. The power of these phallic looking little spears lies in their high concentration of vitamin B which aids in the production of the histamines essential for reaching orgasms in both sexes. Pasta Linguini with Pesto – Remember the spaghetti eating scene from Lady and the Tramp? What could be sexier than sharing a strand of linguini? But it’s the pesto that packs the aphrodisiac wallop. The basil in pesto sauce heats the body and improves circulation which gets blood flow to where it’s needed. While the pine nuts like oysters are high in zinc. And let’s not forget good old EVO, there’s nothing sexier. You can also use it later for a sexy massage although you probably want to shower it off or you’ll smell like a salad. Salads – Arugula with pomegranate seeds or fresh figs stuffed with goat cheese and sliced almonds. – Arugula has long been a favorite natural aphrodisiac. It is full of antioxidants and minerals like calcium, folic acid and magnesium. Pomegranate juice has also been proven to increase testosterone by as much as 30 percent. Figs are sexy to look at, elegant to taste and they are high in potassium. And almonds are considered aphrodisiacs because of their seductive aroma and like most nuts are high in L-argine which creates an uptick in nitric oxide. This relaxes blood vessels and speeds up circulation. Entree – Grilled Salmon with a sweet spicy glaze of honey and chilies – Between the high dosage of Omega 3 oils and the high quality protein this is the perfect food to improve both mood and stamina. Honey provides energy and contains boron, which increases testosterone while metabolizing estrogen. Chilies not only heat up your mouth the capsaicin increases heart rate and releases endorphins. Don’t forget to include a wedge of lemon. Lemons are natural stress reducers. Dessert – Chocolate Fondue with Fruits and Nuts – Chocolate contains phenylethlamine which stimulates excitement and a sense of well being. Fruits like bananas, (need I say more) they’re also high in potassium. Also watermelon which has been dubbed natural Viagra because it creates a large increase in nitric oxide, which relaxes blood vessels and speeds up circulation. Nuts contain L-argine also creating nitric oxide and Omega 3 oils. Try dipping them into the fondue and feeding them to each other with chopsticks; could get messy, could be fun. Whether you go out or stay in, try some of these sexy foods and lust will be for dinner on your Valentine’s Day. Have a good one and remember We Are Never Too Old For Passion. Peace Out Candice
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