So how do I put it together? My process is part exploration, part knowing, and part getting extremely lucky on the journey.
But since luck favors the prepared, before I start any book, I have to know how it begins and how it ends. That is the knowing part. The exploration part comes as my characters reveal who they are, starting with their names, how they think, their deepest fear and last but not least how they react when something extraordinary crosses their path.
Then they run headlong into that extraordinary thing and BAM! We have our inciting incident. This is always one of my favorite things. Inciting incidents wake you up in the middle of the night or stop you with the fork half way to your mouth. Did I mention I like to eat too? If the inciting incident is right, the story is off and running.
I love smart heroines, because living makes your smarter. It also makes them up to the challenge of the challenge of falling in love again, despite having thought they had closed that chapter of their lives.
Favorite scenes from movies, passages from books and even lyrics from songs show up in my books, because I love them. I hopefully twist them enough where they don’t seem like quotes, but like pieces of these characters lives. However , if I listed the reference you could probably see the resemblance.
I’ve loved writing since I first learned how. My process is simply to write and write and write and live and live and hopefully learn how to do both a little better each day.
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