21JunBlessings In Disguise

June 2014

Ever hear of empty nest syndrome? Well it’s more than just a syndrome when you’re a mother goddess, like Aveta. Aveta Blessings has decided to move beyond her nature to nurture and help other women as an OB/GYN. She’s successful at controlling her desire to reproduce until a sexy plastic surgeon moves into the office next door.

Beyond his devastating good looks and the fact that Aveta can practically hear the siren’s call of his desire, there’s something else about Dr. Lucien Richards.

Lucien’s renting the office next door to Aveta’s is no coincidence. The goddess Aveta had been his first love and Lucien never got over her despite his six hundred plus years of warlock existence. The ancient hatred between the gods and warlocks whom they view as murderers and usurpers has led to the death of many of his kind. Still Lucien has decided he’s willing to risk Aveta striking him dead to embrace that perfect passion once more.